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InRaza (pronounced /ĩ'haza/) is a metal band formed in mid-2017 in São Paulo, Brazil, which has been drawing attention worldwide, spreading a strong message of social equality.

Named after the sense of “taking root” the sense of collectivity (“to take root” in Portuguese translates to “enraizar”, which sounds similar to the band’s name), the group surprises with its innovative elements, bringing fresh air to the scene through its modern and consistent metal. Stephany Nusch (vocalist), Robin Gaia (bassist), Gabriel Colonna (guitarist), Bruno Ascêncio (guitarist) and Kelvin Aguiar (drummer) form its current lineup.

Bringing the traditional metal aggressiveness while simultaneously making room for melodic vocals and sophisticated passages, InRaza has been performing in all corners of Brazil, from Amazonas to Paraná, and retaining more and more audience wherever they go.

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